Saturday, October 22, 2016

Editing problem

It was chapter 13. [Spooked by the number, maybe?]
And it wasn't working for me. 

It usually doesn't occur to me that the problem lies with the POV [point of view].

I thought I had it nailed. Seemed logical to continue using the POV from the previous chapter. As I edited, however, it was apparent some nails had been wrenched out, leaving gaping holes.

Filling those holes without interrupting the flow proved difficult.
But changing from Her POV to His saved the day. Or the chapter, to be more precise.

I didn't have to change the events. Only the manner in which the POV character sees them, how they affect him.

And as previously she had to interpret his actions, now he will interpret hers. For this chapter it works better this way.

There may be future chapters or scenes in which I'll need to do this. I need to remember my original draft was not written in stone. That's why it's called a draft.

– Cat

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