Thursday, February 18, 2016


I was thinking of villains.

Yes, this story needs a villain. Abundant dire situations that must be overcome are not enough for these characters.

My villain PG did not spring ready-made into my mind, like some characters, mostly minor ones, often do.

He evolved. First he was just a name. My characters must have a name before I can write about them.  That's when I "saw" him. His reason for being became clearer. The first "reason" was rather trite, so I dug a bit and discovered the real cause of his villainy.

I will introduce him as having this trite motive, then at the proper time reveal the true nature that drives him.

I'll need to be careful that he isn't some cartoonish stereotype. He will be evil, but subtly so. Nothing worse than an over-the-top depiction whose very appearance screams BAD GUY! in your face.

I want a final slam-bang scene that disposes of this villain so the main characters can get on with their life. It's coming to me slowly, but there's a long way to go before I get there, so I have time to plan. Or the characters have time to let me know.